Spring Selling Checklist

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With the early spring selling season kicking off shortly after the new year (NJ's real estate spring market is considered February through May), it’s time to give your home the boost it needs to meet today’s buyers’ expectations. Remember, buyers today cannot "envision" or see the potential to "make it how they want it". You have to help them see it at its' best in the style that attracted most buyers. Take advantage of being inside during the cold winter months with these quick fixes that will help your property stand out from the competition, boost its value and sell quickly.


Declutter & Organize
This is the most critical part of staging your home. Remember, we do not live the way we sell. Start tackling one room at a time by packing up anything that will distract buyers from seeing the unique features of your property such as personal collections, family photos, newspapers, books and magazines. Rearrange and remove excessive furniture to simplify and make the room appear larger.


Make Basic Repairs & Updates
Make sure everything is in good working condition. Repair and replace broken light switches, bulbs (bright bulbs are best), door knobs, leaky faucets, shower heads, windows, holes in walls, etc. Before you starting to update, make sure to have us visit your home. In our experience, most sellers unnecessarily spend money for upgrading. We can help you spend money (or no money at all) to bring you in the highest and best price for your home. 


Refresh and Brighten With Paint
Remove wallpaper and cover bold wall colors with a fresh coat of neutral paint to set the perfect backdrop for simple, updated styling. It used to be all about white, but today light beiges and light grays are most attractive to buyers, especially when accepted with white molding. Accent walls can also help draw the eye in, but again, bring us in to help you pick the best colors. Don't forget that often a wall simply needs to be cleaned rather than painted. Magic Eraser is true "magic" and can be great at removing finger prints, smudges, etc.


Fresh Flooring
There is nothing that dates a room more that worn, soiled carpeting. Remove and/or replace carpeting to reveal hardwood flooring underneath to instantly brighten and make the room feel more spacious. There are also many budget-friendly, easy to install options on the market now for replacing damaged flooring such as laminate and vinyl that look and feel just like wood.


Partner With a Pro
Part of working with Team Taglietta means you get personalized free staging plans. The majority of our clients choose to follow our plans (which usually cost little to no money) which leads to many of our listings sell quickly and for multiple offers. We believe that as expert listing agents, we need to go the extra mile for all our clients. Call us today to get started at 732-406-0313.